FREE WEBINAR: Mold, Lyme + Other Invisible Autoimmune Conditions on March 4 at 12:30PM

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Lyme disease, mold sickness and other "invisible illnesses" can cause a variety of symptoms - and it's often a struggle to get answers and help!


Hear from Melanie Dorion, AGNP-BC, Founder and Medical Director at Be Vital Health Center. Melanie and her team are passionate about helping people just like you reclaim their energy and health after a tick-borne infection, mold poisoning or another chronic condition.... naturally! 


If you are experiencing:


Mold Toxicity Illness

Chronic Lyme Infection

Inflammation + chronic pain

Mood changes, including anxiety and depression

Hormonal Imbalances

Brain fog and mental exhaustion 

Digestion problems

Gut health issues

Trouble sleeping

Or just a general feeling of being unwell…


This webinar is for you!


The webinar will focus on Healing from Mold, Lyme, and Other Invisible Illnesses and will include a deep dive into how functional medicine gets to the root of these conditions. Discover why people suffering from mold toxicity and Lyme disease are often ignored by the conventional system. Hear more about the root causes of these struggles, which often include environmental factors, genetic issues, gut health troubles, and more. 


You will learn how our team utilizes a truly holistic approach to underlying problems associated with these conditions so you can reclaim your energy, body… and life!