FREE WEBINAR: Memory, Focus, Brain Fog + Burnout on April 16 at 12:30PM

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Join us for this FREE webinar by Be Vital Health Center to learn how functional medicine approaches conditions such as memory issues, focus difficulties, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline.


Tired of just putting band-aids on symptoms and looking for a completely different approach to a healthy, happy and active life? We'll be providing valuable answers and solutions!


The lecture will focus on BRAIN HEALTH, as well as addressing other similar conditions, and will include an opportunity to book an initial appointment with the practitioner. We will discuss:

  • Brain fog
  • Memory issues
  • Insomnia and trouble sleeping
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Protection against dementia and Alzheimer’s 


In addition, we will address:

 βœ…The underlying cause of these BRAIN HEALTH issues and why taking medications may not correct inattention and mood problems.


βœ… How the rest of your body influences BRAIN HEALTH and why people with hormonal imbalances and gut health issues often experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, and memory troubles (and vice versa).


βœ… The big mistakes that conventional medicine makes when treating cognitive decline, focus issues, and anxiety/depression.


βœ… All about MeRT and functional medicine and how our approach is part of a medication-free solution!


Our passion is educating patients about brain health and using brain-based technology to help people with depression, cognitive decline, anxiety and attention difficulties to thrive.


If you are looking for a different approach to healthcare...this is it!