FREE SEMINAR: Fertility, Hormones + Toxins on May 8 at 6:30PM

Reserve your seat for this inspiring seminar at Be Vital Wellness Center!

🌿 DATE: May 8, 2023


🌿 LOCATION:  Be Vital Wellness Center - 889 Rio E Court, Suite B  |  Charlottesville VA  22901


Reserve your seat for this seminar by the holistic health experts at Be Vital Health to learn about how functional medicine gets to the heart of the problem.


This seminar is for those struggling with HORMONAL IMBALANCES, THYROID IMBALANCES, IRREGULAR CYCLES, FERTILITY ISSUES, LOW SPERM COUNT. PCOS, CHRONIC INFLAMMATION or a similar condition that are not getting answers and the help they need!


In this free seminar, we'll cover natural solutions to improving fertility, increasing chances of natural conception, and boosting the odds of pregnancy with IUI / IVF. We will address:


⭐Hormone Imbalances

⭐Irregular Cycles

⭐Sperm Abnormalities

⭐Chronic Inflammation

⭐Stress, Anxiety and other Emotional Factors 


In our talk, we'll discuss all the concerns above and more so you can feel more empowered, in control and hopeful for your future. 


This event will focus on a functional medicine approach to health. Come learn how the clinic’s team utilizes a truly holistic approach to underlying causes of female hormonal imbalances!


**SEATING IS LIMITED. We will call you to confirm your RSVP. **